Mathematics in juggling

Michal Zamboj is currently with the Charles University in Prague, where he in 2012 and 2014 defended the bachelor’s and master’s thesis on this topic. Since 2014 he continues to give lectures about The mathematical theory of juggling for academic and educational institutions, juggling conventions, teachers and students. He also publishes scientific and educational papers in the field. The lecture is a convenient way of propagation of mathematics, showing its connections with art, and its time and difficulty may be adapted for different groups. ICGG_Milan

a brief list of juggling events is below, the full list with a video (in Czech) is on the academic website

7/2017 – European Juggling Convention 2017 – lecture, Lublin, Poland

2/2016 – Cirqueon – lecture, Prague

8/2015 – European Juggling Convention 2015 – workshop Mathematics of Juggling, Bruneck, Italy

5/2015 – Juggl.ING – lecture + workshop, Rosice

7/2014 – European Juggling Convention 2014 – 5 workshops on Mathematics of Juggling, Millstreet, Ireland

7-8/2013 – European Juggling Convention 2013 – workshops Mathematics of Juggling I a II, Toulouse, France